Thanks for checking out my blog!


My name’s Immi- short for Imogen in case you didn’t know- (most people don’t, if you’re going by the array of weird and wonderful names that Starbucks workers have written on my coffee cup over the years!) I’m 24 and an English Lit grad from Manchester Uni, working in marketing. I will be blogging my heart out and creating my own little world where I can explore my loves and interests, from clothes and beauty, to food and health, to new discoveries and experiences, and everything in between! 

I hope you enjoy reading and exploring.


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Janice Wald

    Thank you for following my blog. When you have a chance, look around my site. For example, today I am having a linky party where bloggers network. Thank you again. Nice to meet you.

  2. SM

    Ooh you’re an English Lit grad! I’m a Linguistics grad 🙂
    Quick question, how do you add different sub-headings to your blog? Like you’ve got ‘Health’ and ‘Beauty’?
    Sorry for the newbie question, I love your blog layout! 🙂

    1. immimarsh

      Aww nice! It took me ages to figure it out too, but basically on the left hand side of the menu page, you select which categories you want to add as your options on the menu bar! Hope that helps 🙂 x

      1. SM

        I’ve figured out how to add the menus, just can’t add a post under it now 😦 sorry for the hassle! x

      2. immimarsh

        haha don’t worry! what you have to do is add the posts under each category and then click on each post and drag it to the right a little to create a ‘sub-heading’. I even had to watch a tutorial to figure it out!

    1. immimarsh

      Hi Yazzi, aw thanks so much!! and thanks for your mention about my giveaway! 🙂 I’ve literally just done a post for this the other day but will definitely try and answer your questions!! Thanks again Xx

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