Olympics Inspired Mission: GET FIT

As our eyes have turned to Rio and the world has become transfixed with the impressive leaps, jumps, dives, sprints and somersaults (to name a few) over the last week and a bit, it has brought me to a much-needed conclusion. I need to get fit.
Watching the unfaltering determination and sheer brilliance of the world-class athletes that have been filling our television screens has awoken in me the once-sporty version of myself. Looking back to a time where I used to do athletics, swimming, hockey, tennis and dance, it has made me determined to get off my ass and regain the fitness levels of my 15 year old self. Currently not being able to afford a gym membership, it looks like running it is!

Day One:

Now it is with no exaggeration when I say that I am cannot long distance run. I despise the sport. I tell myself it’s because I used to sprint when I was younger and therefore I’m naturally not ‘built’ for it- but let’s be honest, I’m just not very good at it.

My first run in what seems like forever was, to put it mildly, painful. I had to stop countless times and my chest was on fire, but at least I made it out the door. Baby steps hey? Plus, Radio 1’s Dance Anthems in Ibiza helped me a little (a lot), along with some beautiful views which were just asking to be taken a photo of…

Achieved: 2.5 miles

Day Two:

After watching Mo Farah win the Men’s 10,000m whilst tucked up in bed this morning, I realised I needed to get the hell up and get out there again. Ever the optimist, I was ready to run like Mo. Feeling good I left the house to meet my friend, ready to run the race of my life. Realistically, I got to the end of the road and had to stop before my chest felt like it was going to implode, yet again.

Achieved: 2.5 miles of running/walking. (But mainly walking and talking, not going to lie).

Day Three:

I’m just hoping the route on my Nike Running app is slightly more green than orange tomorrow…

Any running tips would be warmly welcomed!



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