The Perfect Brow


If like me, you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and have never heard of how amazing the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow range is (although I’m sure most of you have), then let me enlighten you!

I discovered the brand at the end of last year after my sister recommended it to me. Not only was it a breath of fresh (h)air for my eyebrows, but the products are also completely and 100% cruelty free- and proud of it.
Initially, despite being tempted by the Dipbrow Pomade, (I came to the conclusion I’d end up with a messy Scouse brow so decided to steer clear of anything too scary and liquidy) I started off with buying the Brow Wiz (in Medium Brown), which has a very fine retractable pencil, to imitate the strokes of hair, perfect for creating fuller brows. After hours of deliberation over which colour to buy, once it had arrived, I loved the pencil as the control you had over how much or how little you used was so precise. However, the downside was that it definitely didn’t last very long considering the price of £15.50.

The other day, when the remains of the pencil rather unfortunately came to it’s sorry end after falling out of the retractor, I thought I would give the Perfect Brow pencil a go. At £18 it is more expensive, but it will probably last about 3 x longer than the Brow Wiz.

First impressions?

Even though the Brow Wiz is the holy grail of ABH’s products in terms of the endless rave reviews it receives (and you only have to check Beauty Bay to confirm this), I actually prefer the Perfect Brow!

I ordered it in the same colour of Medium Brown, yet somehow it seems ever so slightly lighter and is in fact a better match for my hair colour, much to my delight. It’s long lasting, it looks more natural and doesn’t resemble that somewhat shiny appearance that the previous pencil occasionally did in warm weather, after a long day at work. Plus, it also comes with a spooley brush, handy for brushing up those brows and getting as much volume in them as possible after applying.

All in all, I’m over the moon that I finally discovered Anastasia Beverley Hills- thanks sis!



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