I’m Immi… And I’m a lip balm addict


Yes- I’ll admit it. I appear to have developed a serious addiction to collecting lip balms, if my growing hoard is anything to go by. (And this is just a select few). So I thought it was only right for me to rate and review some of them! I also threw in my trusty Lush lip scrub for good measure. Despite the changing of seasons and ever-so-slight rise in temperature, my lips have been particularly dry recently. But rest assured, I will find a balm to cure me!

Nivea’s Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter: 4/5

It’s moisturising and creamy, and it smells so delicious I could eat it. Plus, you don’t have to take out a loan to buy it! A classic budget lip balm that you can’t go wrong with. (£2)

Lush Santa Lip Scrub:    3.5/5  

I love how soft my lips are after using this and the rouge tint that it leaves. And you can actually lick the scrub off your lips (it tastes great) with this one! It’s the perfect companion for using before applying lipstick, as it really smoothes and buffs away at any lingering dead skin. However, I find the softness only lasts a few hours before my lips start to feel dry again. To avoid this, I tend to cake my lips with lip balm afterwards for ultra moisturisation if I’m not leaving the house! (£5.50)

Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix:    3/5

I love a good lip balm that makes your lips tingle, and Eve Lom’s does just that. It feels refreshing and gives a lovely shine to lips too. (The most expensive of the bunch at a crazy £16)

Nuxe’s Reve de Miel:      2.5/5

I’ve reviewed this before on my blog and I definitely fell in love with the stuff when I first bought it. It’s buttery and melts onto lips and smells DIVINE. But much to my disappointment, over the months it seems to have gone slightly grainy in texture- and come to think of it, it has probably come to the end of it’s short 6 month lifespan. Sob. Considering the price, you would expect it to last a tad longer. (An expensive £9.50)

Korres Jasmine Lip Butter:    3/5

Let me begin by saying this smells delicious. The scent is sweet and I love the dusky pink colour which leaves a shiny tinted finish on lips. It isn’t the most hydrating lip balm I’ve ever found, but is great for Spring for adding a nice subtle dash of colour on lips that aren’t overly dry or chapped. In the depths of winter when my lips are crying out for moisture, this probably wouldn’t be my first point of call. (£8)

Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm: 2/5

I bought this because I was drawn to the fact that it’s natural and suitable for vegetarians, which you don’t often see overtly displayed on beauty products. The tube has a nice monochrome design and the balm has a delightful fresh and orangey scent to it. However, I’ve found it only gives a light level of moisture to lips, and so it definitely isn’t what you’re after if your suffering from severely dry skin. (£6)
And finally, the surprising winner of the bunch? Scoring an impressive 5/5 stars, it has to be…

Blistex’s Relief Cream! 5/5

Yes, you heard correct. The humble Blistex at a modest £2.69. In my eyes, it is the holy grail of lip products as it is the only lip cream that truly seems to cure my cracked lips overnight. (It’s medicated and is designed for cold sores too.) I personally love the stuff, and have no idea why I’m always tempted with the higher end expensive brands when I know I’ve got such a fail-safe winner in Blistex!
Thanks for reading! X


14 thoughts on “I’m Immi… And I’m a lip balm addict

  1. Janice Wald

    Hi Immimarsh,
    I am a lip balm addict too– Balmex, Carmax, and others.
    Thanks for the visit to my site today. I am glad you liked my new post about how to get 566 blog views in 12 hours.

  2. alicerambles

    Love your blog, thanks so much for following! I’m also a lip balm addict, currently in love with the Burt’s Bees range – they’re so good! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts x

  3. Jessica Jade

    Iv never tried the blistex because I thought it was literally for cold sores, I’m definitely buying some now because I cannot find a lip balm that will actually cure my dry lips! X

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