Cruelty-Free Beauty

Along the way since becoming vegetarian over a year ago, (and also since inadvertently stumbling across some really quite disturbing photos of what had happened to the cutest bunnies after being tested on), I really want to gradually transition my makeup and beauty collection into one that is cruelty free. As quite frankly, I really don’t condone animal abuse. Obviously, I’m not saying I am perfect in the slightest, and I definitely still own makeup that is probably tested on animals, which I bought without really giving a second thought to. However, I guess it’s one big learning curve and I would like to at least try my best!

There is generally a significant amount of controversy over whether beauty brands do or do not test on animals. It’s no surprise that they never usually own up to it when questioned (and why would they), but I know that several brands find loop holes in the fact that their ‘parent company’ tests on animals, so technically they can claim that they don’t. I’m just glad my trusty Dermalogica don’t test on animals, and have even recently pulled out of selling their products in China because of the abuse that the country requires for cosmetic testing.

Anyway, I would love to know of any favourite brands which you use which are cruelty-free? I already use a few, but when I started reading the PETA list of brands, I’ll admit my mind was slightly blown by all these names I had never heard of!




5 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Beauty

  1. ciaraspaceface

    This is a great post and had no idea you were trying to be cruelty free. I’m been cruelty free in terms of buying beauty products about a month now, I can honestly say it feels so good 🙂
    I tend not to use my old make that is tested on animals as much but when these run out or if I give them away I won’t have to worry about it!

    1. immimarsh

      Thanks! It sounds bad, but I didn’t realise just quite how many brands test on animals, and once I’d woken up to that I thought I really want to make an effort to avoid them! 🙂 Do you have any recommendations? X

      1. ciaraspaceface

        What I do is search them online and read all the articles etc. Also any own shop brand seem to be cruelty free aswell, such as boots or SuperDrug also depends on where you live. Have you ever heard of the Youtuber Kristen Leanne?

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