City Break to Amsterdam


Just a quick little post tonight whilst I’m sipping on my much needed glass of wine after a stressful day at work (Cos Thursday is the new Friday after all)… 

I’m going to Amsterdam soon for my friend’s birthday, which we are incredibly excited about! Have you guys been before? Do you have any suggestions of where to go, or what to visit whilst we’re there? Any cute little cafes or restaurants? Would love to hear from you!

Plus, how cute is this illustration in National Geographic that my mum tore out for me? (That’ll definitely be us up there in the right hand corner having a boogie. Ha.) 


6 thoughts on “City Break to Amsterdam

  1. rebeccajanehall

    I’m going in a couple of weeks, I’ve been a few times before but only with work so am looking forward to it. I would recommend, The Doubletree Hilton Sky lounge for drinks and an amazing view, The Hoxton for Brunch, and a canal tour! have fun! x

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