Sunday Evening Pampering: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Masque


I haven’t done a beauty post, well, for a while! And so I thought it was about time I changed that.

In the past few years, I’ve suffered from very acne-prone skin. Why on earth my body decided my early twenties was a more suitable time than my teens for these delightful breakouts, I do not know. Oh the joys of life. They got so bad that I’ve been on two lots of antibiotics since last Summer in an attempt to rid my face of the the pesky things, the last lot I have recently finished taking.

I doubt I’ve seen the last of them, but I wanted to invest in a good quality face mask that I know  will really deeply cleanse it, to try and keep the spots at bay. The reviews for Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque were what enticed me. Everyone was singing it’s praises and so it was simply calling out to me to put it in my basket. (Which is obviously what I did.) People spoke of how their skin was noticeably less oily, how it was great for breakouts, skin was smoother etc etc. I obviously had to try it!


Oh and the masque is mineral rich and clay-based, with ingredients sourced near the Amazon River. Sounds good to me.
As soon as I applied it, I knew there were some pretty powerful ingredients getting to work right away- you could practically feel the goodness sinking deep into the skin and cleansing it from the inside out. As it dried, you could visibly see where the mask had sunk into the pores, as tiny little holes appeared on the surface.

A little definitely goes a long way. You leave the mask on for 10 mins until dry and remove with warm water.


The result? My skin felt extremely smooth and soft to the touch, and I can definitely say it felt cleaner and that it could almost ‘breathe’ more- if that is even such a thing. I’m really impressed with my (first ever) Kiehl’s purchase and am already looking forward to my next application!



8 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Pampering: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Masque

  1. Caitlin

    Sundays are for masks! I love Kiehl’s shampoo and conditioner. I’ve never tried any of their skincare line, surprisingly enough. I’ll have to give this a try.

      1. Caitlin

        I have super thick dry hair, their conditioner especially is the only conditioner I’ve found that keep my hair from tangling and being a nightmare to manage.

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