Valentine’s Dinner

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I had the best Valentine’s Day dinner last night… with my friend. All the single ladies, put your hands up!

It’s always nice to celebrate ‘GALentine’s’ day as my friend rather aptly referred to it. We may have been surrounded by loved-up couples galore, but that didn’t stop us from having the tastiest pre-valentines day food, wine, cheese and cocktails. (Complete with romantic candle.) Yes– we may have pushed the boat out ever so slightly.

I had pan-seared cod with coconut rice and mussel sten. The mussel sten was something I had definitely never heard of- but hey, it’s always good to be adventurous! And my friend had the steak.

And for dessert?
I’m such a sucker for a good old cheese board. Or in this case, individual cheese plate for 1. Who can possibly say no to a delightful array of Brie, Goat’s cheese and Stilton? Not me.

To top it all off nicely, we moved on to a bar that serves cocktails by the bucket load- quite literally bucket-sized glasses. Deceiving as it may be, that glass on the left was in fact the size of a small child.

Anyway, I digress.

Love to you all on Valentine’s Day ❤️



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