Get the Glow (back)

After waking up this morning and reading about Madeleine Shaw’s amazing new Glow Guides app, I was finally inspired to get healthy again (after telling myself to do so for weeks). The app is filled with delicious meal plans, workouts, yoga and meditation videos to name a few. You can download the app for free, but if you want to join Madeleine and the community on your 8 week plan, you then need to buy the content. At a crazy £50, it is a purchase I probably won’t be making (for a very long time- if at all), despite it sounding amazing. However, it certainly suceeded in making me want to get the glow (back).   

I have been eating particularly badly ever since the winter months rolled in- indulging would be an understatement. I apparently didn’t get the memo to start that much needed health-kick that everyone embarked upon on the 1st January. Better late than never, hey?

To set myself off on the right foot, I made a hearty and filling breakfast of Cocoa, Almond milk porridge, with banana, pecan nuts, almonds and chia seeds. Topped off with a drizzle of honey.

A similar variation on the coconut milk porridge I’ve posted before: IMG_8278

I cooked the oats in almond milk in a pan and then stirred in a teaspoon or two of cocoa powder. I then topped with chopped banana and sprinkled with almonds, pecans and chia seeds. I then drizzled with honey to take away the sharpness of the cocoa.

It tastes like pure luxury! Rich and silky and still made with good, natural ingredients. If you have any favourite meal suggestions they would be most welcome, preferably some work lunch ideas!



4 thoughts on “Get the Glow (back)

  1. pumdiets

    I feel the same about the glow guides such a shame that they’re so expensive. There’s so much good stuff on her blog and others (deliciously ella, hemsley+hemsley etc.) I’m sure we can get the glow on our own with just a bit of research 🙂 That porridge looks delicious btw!x

    1. immimarsh

      I know it’s such a shame, I couldn’t believe the price of it! But yeah I totally agree, they all have great blogs and recipes out there 🙂 thanks its so good I’d recommend if you have a bit of a sweet tooth in the mornings! x

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