Lush-ious Goodies

Father Christmas seemed to go mad for Lush products this year…but I am definitely not complaining!


The Christmas Party box smells divine and a heady and heavenly smell of citrus hits you when you open it up. It features a Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream, a (totally adorable) Snowman Shower Jelly and a Baked Alaska soap. Good enough to eat, right?


My favourite part of the whole box was when I came to the realisation that a cute little Snowman was folded up inside his tub:


Like I said- adorable. This little guy smells just like passion fruit and I absolutely love the concept of Lush’s shower jellies. Not what you’d expect from a tiny little Snowman!


This Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb (above), which is meant to resemble a Christmas pudding more like this one:

is so vibrant in colour, yet oh so relaxing with Lavender Oil being the main ingredient.

Top tip from my sis to make them last longer and if you’re feeling like being economical, is rather than to throw the whole thing into the bath (tempting as it may be), crumble as much as you want in, to make it go further!

Keep your eye out of my review of the rest of these delicious products!



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