Lunch at Oblix @ The Shard

On Friday I was treated to the most amazing lunch by my wonderful Godmum, at the Oblix restaurant on the 32nd floor of The Shard, as a belated 18th/ 21st birthday meal. Where do I even begin! The food was out of this world, the wine was diviiiiine (yes, we got rather day-time drunk), and the views were breathtaking. I definitely felt like the luckiest girl ever being wined and dined overlooking the panoramic skyline of London.


(The best wine I’ve ever had- buttery, nutty and a gorgeous deep golden colour. Yum.)

Prior to our meal, we had a glass of champagne in the Aqua Shard bar, before heading through to Oblix. Oblix is described as a contemporary grill restaurant offering dishes delivered in style of upscale, sophisticated, urban dining. The menu at Oblix offers dishes from its spit roast, charcoal grill and wood-fired oven showcasing the best of British and European produce. As you walk into the restaurant, there are chefs concocting all sorts of wonderful dishes and delicacies either side of you, behind deli-style counters laden with delicious cheeses, meats, breads etc., which really makes it feel unique and showcases the array of their exceptional food.

For starter I had the Beetroot, goats curd & rye crumble


I would never usually choose beetroot, but for some reason was drawn to it (probably because I adore goat’s cheese), and it was so delicious. There was not one, but three different types of beetroot in vibrant autumnal colours, accompanied with a rich and creamy goats cheese curd, a sprinkling of rosemary rye crumble and topped with rocket leaves. It was presented beautifully, and looked more like a piece of art than something I was about to demolish! Texture-wise, it was great- the silkiness of the beetroot with the smooth tanginess of the cheese topped off with the earthy crunch of the crumble made for a taste sensation.

For my main I had the Grilled tiger prawn, tomato & garlic dressing, roasted artichokes from the grill, along with Hand-cut chips and Tenderstem broccoli, preserved lemon & chilli



Safe to say I had never seen such a big prawn in my entire life! The meat of the tiger prawn had almost formed smaller prawns inside the shell, which were sweet and chewy, and it had been cooked on the grill with a rich tomato and garlic dressing, which I delighted in dipping my chips into. It was really heavenly. My Godmum and I laughed about how many chips we had ordered when they brought them over, but obviously without a doubt we ate every single last one! Probably the best chips I have ever had.

And finally for dessert: Coconut semi-freddo, passion fruit & mango with the suggested glass of the dessert wine.


This was my favourite dish of the meal. The waiter suggested it as a fantastic dessert if I was after something refreshing. The semi-freddo was mousse-y and melted-in-your-mouth like a dream. I’m also in love with basil and a big fan of it with sweet things- It tasted so good with the silkiness of the mango, all topped off with the refreshing and tangy sorbet.

It was a lovely touch on the menu, that under each dessert was the suggested dessert wine that accompanied each dish. Being only 22, I’ve never really experienced or explored the concept of ‘dessert wines’, but now I’m definitely in love with the idea! The wine complemented the dessert in such an exceptional way, especially the sweetness of the coconut and left such a beautiful, moreish taste in your mouth afterwards. If there is such a profession as a dessert wine connoisseur, I would very much like to become one!

I had such a memorable day there, and couldn’t recommend The Shard enough for a special occasion. I think I can safely say that I experienced the best food, wine and service ever!


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