Udon noodle stirfry, with avocado, edamame and cashews


I whipped up this super-simple yet super-delicious stirfry the other evening. I didn’t have anything to go with it, like fish or tofu, so I thought, why not try an avocado! It actually worked really well, the creaminess of the avo and the cashews alongside the tangy-ness of the soy sauce was really tasty.

I don’t usually opt for udon noodles when I go to places like Wagamama’s, as I find them too large, but these ones from Clearspring are just the right size and they make a change from the bog-standard egg noodle!

IMG_8338Plus, cashews in stirfries are now my new favourite thing. Especially when they’re the incredible moreish salted cashews that you know aren’t that healthy, but taste oh-so-good! I think I probably ate most of the packet whilst cooking, before sprinkling them on top, woops.




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