I thought I would take a little break from job applications to share with you all the amazing salad that I concocted for lunch yesterday. My creation consisted of houmous, spinach leaves, carrot, cucumber, spelt, quinoa & wild rice. Incredibly healthy, filling, and utterly delicious!

I used a pre-made packet of grains (the spelt, quinoa & rice), and then all I did was mix that with a grated carrot, sliced cucumber and some baby spinach leaves.

salad 3

I’m so obsessed with houmous at the moment, I really could eat it with anything! So I obviously had to incorporate a huge dollop of it on top. It works so well with this, adding a tangy, wholesome taste to the salad. I then drizzled the dish with a splash of olive oil and seasoned well. Et voilà!


7 thoughts on “Super-Salad!

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