Lip Balm of Dreams


Nuxe’s ‘rêve de miel’ lip balm, meaning ‘honey dream’, really and truly is a lip balm of dreams! If like mine, your lips get dry very easily (even in the summer months), then I can guarantee that this little heavenly pot of cream is your answer! I absolutely love it.

At £9, I can safely say that I splashed out on it a bit. (A lot). I had a Space.NK voucher to use up, and when I got to the checkout online, like many others before me, I was roped into that classic retail trick of spending ‘just £5 more for free delivery!’. Oh go on then. If you insist. Obviously not being able to find anything for £5 dead-on, and feeling ever so slightly naughty, I added this to my basket.


But I definitely have no regrets! The balm is lovely and thick, and feels almost buttery when it melts onto your lips. I apply a generous amount before bed and wake up with beautifully soft and moisturised lips, and when I wear it during the day, a little goes a long way and it seems to stay on the lips for quite a long time. I can honestly say this is the most nourishing lip balm I’ve ever found!

And let me get on to how delicious it smells. It smells AMAZING! It reminds me of those old-fashioned lemon bon-bons you’d find in a vintage sweet shop.

My rating: a soothing, delicious, heavenly-scented balm of dreams!

(Also, on a side-note, how beautiful are the tropical little flowers in my photo that had fallen off the tree in Corfu?)



4 thoughts on “Lip Balm of Dreams

      1. Lauren

        Everyone seems to use it, its pretty popular! Thanks, I was thinking of purchasing it but I wasn’t sure how it would feel under lipstick like if it would be too thick or what.

      2. immimarsh

        I can definitely see why! I think if you only applied a small amount it would work with lipstick, but it is quite a thick lip balm!

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