Trying to eat healthy on hols! 


Morning all! 

As I’m sure a lot of you will know, no matter how hard you try to eat healthily on holiday, it’s always a different story when you’re there and surrounded by the temptations of delicious local delicacies and ice-creams! 

In my attempt to not put on a billion stone on my two week holiday, I’m trying to make sure that I have a healthy breakfast every day. As a light and summery alternative to porridge, I’ve been having oats soaked in milk, topped with chopped nuts and dried apricots. 


But I just had to share my amazingly simple yet delicious concoction this morning! Seeing as we are in Corfu, we bought some authentic Greek yoghurt from the local shop, which I topped with chopped bananas and peach, and drizzled with Greek honey! Honestly the best thing EVER! The peaches out here are divine- so sweet and juicy. I’m definitely going to be recreating this at home. 

Have a great day everyone! X 


3 thoughts on “Trying to eat healthy on hols! 

  1. Monika

    Your breakfast looks so fresh and healthy! I should definitely start eating something healthy in the morning again since I’m also not in my usual routine and thus on the best way to gaining weight, haha.

    Enjoy your vacation in Greece! ❤

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