Banana and Medjool Date ice-cream


I’ve been dying to make this for so long, and tonight I finally did! Healthy banana ice-cream or as it’s popularly known as ‘nana ice-cream‘, made simply from frozen bananas and a splash of almond milk. So easy to make, and a delicious dessert without the calories!

To make, all you have to do is slice up some bananas and put them overnight in the freezer, then once out, leave to stand for 5 minutes before putting them in the blender. I added medjool dates and a bit of almond milk to help them blend better, but then had to pop the mixture back in the freezer for a while because it had turned to a consistency more like melted ice-cream. Obviously, since it isn’t a real ice-cream, you can’t expect to have perfect scoops, as I’m sure you can tell from my photo! It may not look the prettiest of dishes, but it sure tasted damn good!


Once out the freezer and after it had set a little, it was so delicious! I also topped it with pecans, for a bit of crunch. The dates really made it caramelly and sweet, almost like a banoffee flavoured ice-cream. Yuuuu-um.

Enjoy! X


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