100 Amazing Followers! MINI MAKEUP GIVEAWAY

Just a little reminder to everyone about my MAKEUP GIVEAWAY to say thankyou to you all after I reached 100 followers!!!


Wow you guys are so amazing, I’ve only gone and reached 100 followers!

 I actually started my blog a few years ago, but to say I neglected/abandoned it would be the understatement of the century. (I think I posted on it like 4 times max and had practically no followers.) It was only until a month ago that I decided to get back into it properly, as I really love writing, and it was definitely the best decision ever! I’ve found it extremely rewarding so far and have made some lovely blogger friends along the way. So to say that I’ve reached 100 followers (104 to be precise) in such a short space of time is incredible and I’ve got you guys to thank!!!

SO! To say thank you to all you lovely lovely people, I’m doing a MINI MAKEUP GIVEAWAY. Drumroll please!

I’m giving away a Delilah Brow…

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