Monday Morning Motivation: Back on the healthy bandwagon! 

Morning all…Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

So this last week, thanks to a few drunken escapades, (followed by some rather unhealthy, indulgent hangover days), my trip to Manchester, and several dinners out/ bottles of wine later, I have fallen off my healthy bandwagon ever ever so slightly. (A lot). I was doing so well as well, damn it!

But today is a new day and the start of a new week and so I’m kicking it off with a nice mug of hot lemon and ginger and a delightfully healthy detox juice (which I will put on my next post) to help cleanse my system, before heading to the gym to burn off those extra pounds I know for sure that I’ve put on. (So sad). Not that the scales matter much anyway!

(It’s my aim to start drinking more lemon water in the mornings because it comes with some fantastic benefits such as flushing out toxins and aiding the digestive system.)


It’s so hard to eat clean all the time, but eating healthily is a lifestyle choice and not a ‘diet’, and I believe that as long as you don’t let the indulgent eating get out of hand for too long, it’s fine to slip up every once in a while. We are only human after all!

I definitely feel a whoooole lot better when I eat healthily and exercise though: my skin is clearer, I have more energy, my IBS doesn’t get too bad, and I can sleep a lot better.

So let’s hope this week I can get back on track to feeling fab!

Have a great day everyone



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