Queen of the Lipsticks

As promised, here is my review of my new Lipstick Queen Sinner in Peachy Nude…


In a few words: I love it! I’ve never owned a lipstick by Lipstick Queen before but will definitely be investing in more. I wore ‘Peachy Nude’ for the first time last night out with the girls and my friend complimented me on it as soon as I stepped in the taxi! Always a good sign. It seemed to stay put for a long time and I only had to top it up once in the whole night, which makes it a winner for me. I really hate it when lipsticks come off easily and you don’t notice until you look in the mirror only to find that you have a weird gloopy outline to your lips.

pink   lip

The shade is lovely, which I’m so relieved about as it’s always a nightmare trying to guess the colour when buying online! It’s super natural and summery, but enhances your lips nicely making them appear fuller, whilst also feeling so nourishing and moisturising. What more could you ask for from a lipstick!

IMG_7772[1](I’ll admit, it’s actually quite hard to see that I’m wearing it here, but I guess it is a subtle shade!)

Plus, the packaging is great:


What Lipstick Queen says about it:

Poppy designed Sinners to be the ultimate full-coverage matte lipsticks with 90% pigment. The Sinner formula takes creaminess to a whole new level. The formulation glides on, lasts beautifully and feels great on the lips. Each shade has been meticulously designed to be the ultimate in its category – lighting up your face and your mood!

I definitely couldn’t agree more!



7 thoughts on “Queen of the Lipsticks

      1. shayfabs

        I have the Bright Natural Sinner which I wear all the time because the color goes with just about anything (perfect for every day wear) and I also have the Deep Red Sinner. They’re both matte and super lovely. xx

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