Mission: Stronger Nails & Softer Hands

Due to the work that I currently do, my hands are not in a good condition and have been left feeling very neglected as of late. My hands are extremely dry, cracked and sore, and my nails are painfully short (yes, literally) and flaky- much to my dismay. I’ll be honest, it’s not a great look. Sooo… It is time for Mission Stronger Nails and Softer Hands!

To soothe my hands into better condition, I have bought a hand cream by Nuxe (as you may have seen in my previous post). I had never actually heard of this brand but the cream appeared to have great reviews online by people who swore it was the best they’d ever had. Plus, who couldn’t be tempted by a hand cream called ‘Honey Dream’ in French? Mmm. I had previously been using a hand cream by Korres (pictured above), but despite the fact that I love the packaging and the scent of almond and shea butter, disappointingly it didn’t really live up to my expectations- or the price tag. I think my hands were just too dry for it to be of any help to me.

My opinion of the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream so far: Smells delicious and honey-ey, and my hands are feeling softer after only one (albeit quite large) application. Yes, I admit I did slather on the stuff rather generously!


For my nails I thought they really deserved some extra special TLC so I splashed out a bit and bought the O.P.I Nail Envy nail varnish for ‘sensitive and peeling nails’. Something I’d been craving for ages- let’s just say, it was a long time coming. I’ve owned O.P.I strengthening nail varnishes in the past so I know for a fact that they do wonders for nails!


You start by applying two coats- which I’ve done tonight- and repeat with one coat every other day, removing the varnish after a week. Fingers crossed for beautiful long, strong and elegant nails by the end of the week! I’ll keep you all posted with my progress, and hopefully I’ll be typing my posts with a transformed pair of hands, ha.



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