The Perfect Porridge

I’m posting rather a lot of food-related posts and breakfast ideas on here at the moment, but hey, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

I’m a bit of a porridge addict these days. I tend to have it most mornings and I love adding a variety of different sprinkles and toppings to jazz it up and it makes sure I never get bored of it!


Today I made this delicious bowl of blueberry, banana, brazil nut, pecan and chia seed porridge. So tasty and the addition of the nuts and chia seeds give it a fantastic crunch to mix things up!

To make:

Firstly, I added some frozen blueberries to the bowl of oats and milk and popped it in the microwave. The blueberries then burst and make the oats a lovely and vibrant purple colour. (It looked a lot more colourful in real life than my photo suggests!)

Once out the microwave, I added sliced banana, I chopped up some brazil nuts and pecans, and finally sprinkled over some chia seeds! Delish.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s suggestions for porridge toppings, as I really don’t think you can ever have too many!


7 thoughts on “The Perfect Porridge

    1. immimarsh

      Thankyou! I have to say, I never used to be much of a fan myself either…but since adding things to it and making it more interesting I really like it! 🙂

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