Me and my family have recently discovered Booja-Booja ice cream, and wow, what a discovery! If you haven’t heard of this exotic-sounding treat, it’s a dairy-free ‘ice cream’ alternative, made with only 4 ingredients: water, agave syrup, cashew nuts, and vanilla. So technically, you don’t have to feel too guilty about tucking into a bowl, as the ingredients are all pure, healthy and natural!


I love the elaborate and whacky names of their flavours…’Keep Smiling, Vanilla M’Gorilla’. Oo er. But my absolute favourite so far has to be the ‘Hunky Punky Chocolate.’ It’s so rich, creamy and chocolatey, it’s honestly hard to believe it is dairy free, as it’s definitely the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tried! Because it’s so rich, you really don’t even need that much if you’re looking for that quick chocolate fix.


Booja-Booja also do ‘Feisty Rollercoaster Ginger’, ‘Pompompous Maple Pecan’, and ‘Coconut Hullabaloo’, which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

So if you’re after a healthy(ish) ‘treat’, or a tasty alternative to ice cream, look no further than Booja-Booja. Yum.



5 thoughts on “Booja-Booja!

  1. Rosies Hair and Beauty

    Omg I am lactose intolerant and have honestly found 1 ice cream available lactose free! And it has 1 flavour. I can’t wait to try this. Healthy alternative to ice cream that is lacto-free! Yes please!

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