Oh hello June…where did you come from?! 

I cannot believe it is June already. I refuse to believe it. Seriously, weren’t we putting up the Christmas tree, like, last week? Madness.

Now that it’s the 1st June, and in my books, its officially ‘Summer’ (although the British weather seems to suggest otherwise), it is now a suitable time to: fish out your bikinis from last year and prey to God that they still fit (please please please); get those pins looking fab- you no longer have a legit excuse for not having silky-smooth hairless legs (woops I best get to it); and it’s time to banish that pasty skin which stuck around through Spring and to start working on that bronzed goddess look you’d been dreaming of all winter (now all I need is the sun to come out!). Well that’s the plan anyway.

Anyway, seeing as it’s the 1st June, it’s my Mum’s birthday today and I put together a little gift box/ hamper-esque style present for her. I thought I would share a few of the items with you all, as some of it is simply just too delicious not to- plus it may give you some summery gift ideas!



Firstly, a fancy tin of ‘Kusmi Tea’, as she looooves tea, and we are big tea-drinkers in this house (sipping it right now), and some absolutely delicious pistachio macarons.

Next up, are these absolutely mouth-watering-melt-in-the-mouth ‘Choccy Scoffy’ truffles from Monty Bojangles (such a great name). Plus, I love the old-fashioned cat on the box.


I also bought this divine-smelling Ecoya Coconut & Elderflower soy candle from Botany Bay in Australia. (I didn’t actually go to Australia to get it sadly, that’s just where Ecoya is from). The scent is literally out of this world, I can’t stop smelling it!


Finally, I bought a lovely box of Deglect Nour dates (my new discovery/ obsession with these healthy yet caramelly delicious treats is definitely taking over), and also these gorgeous bunch of sweet peas.


Also after reading this back, I think I have a slight obsession with using brackets, (help me) they’re so addictive!

Have a great Monday everyone!



4 thoughts on “Oh hello June…where did you come from?! 

  1. SM

    You’re great at choosing presents! Your mum will be thrilled!
    Also, as it’s the first of June my student card ran out, so I’m no longer a student! So today is a sad day for me! 😦

    1. immimarsh

      Aw thanks, I deliberating for aaages on what to get her! Oh noo, I was gutted when that happened to me last year! If you mean your student card for shopping, I still somehow manage to use ‘Unidays’ discount online if that’s any help to you 🙂

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