My new-found veggie lifestyle

At the start of the year- almost as a ‘New Year’s Resolution’- I decided to go vegetarian. (I guess, technically speaking, I am a pescetarian as I still eat fish occasionally.) I had always been rather partial to the veggie option on a menu (even though they are usually few and far between), so hey, why not just transform that choice into a lifestyle choice!


(My mezze feast I had for dinner tonight, vine leaves and falafels galore!) And who said eating vegetarian was boring hey?!

Anyway, since turning veggie, I’ve noticed a lot of people really question why on earth I wouldn’t want to eat meat, and my responses are often met with a confused expression and a justification for why I should eat meat. This reception has rather surprised me as I didn’t think that I would have to explain myself quite as much as I am. Now, as someone who did enjoy eating meat before now, (I had never been a huge meat-eater, but nonetheless had eaten it all my life), I obviously have absolutely no issue with others eating meat. The man in a meat suit who attacked an innocent burger-eater in a park springs to mind! ( But if I don’t judge you eating meat, please judge me for giving it up!

The reason behind me deciding not to eat meat, stemmed from the fact that towards the end of last year, I found myself gradually becoming more ‘conscious’ about what I was eating. I was no longer just eating a hungover bacon sandwich (one of the last memories that sticks in my head)- I couldn’t help but thinking that I was eating an animal, that was once a living, feeling, breathing being. I simply could not get that thought out of my mind and it actually made me feel a little sick. So for that reason, I thought I would take a stab at going vegetarian and just see how it goes, and I honestly feel a whole lot better for it! Plus, I love veg, pulses and nuts anyway so I don’t find it hard at all.

I do feel that a lot of the time (and me included) as a society, we disassociate ourselves with what we are consuming- rather than eating a cow, we are only eating ‘steak’, and rather than eating a pig for dinner, we are only eating ‘sausages’. For instance, around Easter time I saw copious photos on social media of how adorable the newly-born lambs were frolicking in the fields, and simultaneously, several photos of Easter roasts consisting of a ‘delicious leg of lamb’ that were juxtaposed right next to the lamb’s previous cuteness. As I said, I am definitely in no position to judge- and not that I want to either- but this is simply what I have woken up to, and one of my main reasons for giving up meat.

I saw this photo on Instagram recently, which really made me ponder our double-standards towards animals:


As George Bernard Shaw said, “Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends”.

I have been vegetarian for 5 months so far, and thanks to a fellow blogger I discovered the ‘Vegetarian Calculator’. (I don’t know how accurate it is, but it’s kinda cool!) I’ve supposedly saved 84 animals, wooo. Sounds rather a lot, but I’ll take it.


Would love to hear your thoughts on any of this, so do let me know!



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