NARS: The Multiple


If there’s one makeup product you buy this summer, I would recommend that you get your hands on The Multiple by NARS.

It’s a shimmery, golden, magic stick that adds instant glow and colour to your cheeks, whilst also nourishing skin with Vitamin E and açai oil for those all important antioxidant benefits. In fact, you can use it for eyes, face, or even body, but I tend to just use it as a bronzer on my cheeks. It’s perfect for holiday skin, or in my case, all year round! Yes I love it that much. I have it in the shade ‘South Beach’ (pictured above) which is a nice light chocolately golden colour, or as NARS describe it: ‘light, shimmering apricot’. (hmm)


Now that my stick is running rather dangerously low, I may branch out and purchase it in the shade ‘Puerto Vallarta’ (pictured below), although it worries me that NARS describe it as ‘Shimmering tangerine’, and I don’t particularly want to resemble an orange! Or even a tanned tangerine for that matter. (What’s with them describing their shades as fruit anyway?)

tangIn a nutshell:

UPSIDE: Sunkissed dewy cheeks, ideal for holiday skin

(the only) DOWNSIDE: I feel like you do need to top it up regularly in order for your cheeks to stay looking shimmery!


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