Happy Hump Day!

It was only until recently that I actually discovered what ‘Hump day’ meant- and for those like me, that didn’t know, it means a Wednesday, aka ‘over the hump’ of the week, towards the weekend. (I was oblivious to this strange term.) 

But for a while now, I kept repeatedly seeing #HappyHumpDay on Instagram, and rather confused- and obviously not making any connection to the day of the week- I kept thinking, ummm…what is this, some form of weird sexual day that everyone is celebrating? Awkward…

Anyway, now that I know what Hump day means, and that it is completely innocent and not strange in the slightest, now I too can celebrate it. By going for a delicious midweek meal (and 3 courses at that!) and cheeky bottle of wine with my friend to make that Wednesday slump a bit more bearable!

I ordered this delicious Fish Deli Board from my local restaurant The Almanack, which I just had to share with you all, because look how good it looks! And also, who can say no to a free bottle of wine, eh?


The deli board consisted of: Smoked Mackerel Pâté, Severn & Wye Smoked Salmon, Crab Mayonnaise, Kedgeree Arancini & Mango Chutney, Cucumber & Tomato Salsa, and Toasted Sourdough.

I’d been craving smoked salmon for a while now, so this definitely hit the spot! Mmmhmm.

Happy Hump Day everyone! x


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