Daily skincare regime- Dermalogica

Today I thought I would share my daily skincare regime with you!

I absolutely love love love Dermalogica products because you know that the ingredients that you are putting on your skin are genuinely pure, nourishing and good for you. None of all that fragranced, coloured, artificial oils rubbish that you’ll find in a lot of skincare products, which usually end up doing the opposite of what you intended for your skin! I definitely think it’s worth spending a taaad more money and investing in products that you use on your face, as the skin is so delicate and will thank you in the long run for treating it so kindly! Especially the case when you have pesky spot-prone AND eczema-prone skin like mine (which, yes, can be such a nightmare sometimes…). Lets just say, thankgod I get a discount from John Lewis, else I would be ever so slightly bankrupt… The great thing is though that these products seem to last for a long time, as a little goes a long way!


Firstly, in the morning I use Dermalogica’s ‘Daily Microfoliant’ (my absolute favourite product), which is this amazing fine exfoliant powder, and perfect for when you have just woken up to get rid of all those dead skin cells that have built up over night. It really brightens my skin thanks to it being rice-based. When you add water and rub it into a paste, it activates the powder and releases all sorts of magical, natural goodness such as rice enzymes and Papains (enzymes from papaya…mmm exotic) which gently exfoliates and leaves it smooth as a baby’s bottom! It is perfect for stubborn patches of dry skin that just won’t seem to budge, which I have definitely suffered from over the years.

Sometimes, when I’m in a rush in the morning, that is all you need to give your face that perfect refresh and rejuvenation. But I often follow the Daily Microfoliant with their ‘Special Cleansing Gel’. This cleanser, which really does live up to it’s Special name, feels incredibly soothing when applied to the skin due to the delicious sounding Balm Mint and Lavender extracts. Yum. It really leaves your skin feeling like it can breathe for the first time and has been given a new and revitalizing lease of life! After it has wicked away all those nasty impurities and debris on the surface of your face, it just feels SO clean and glowy, that I can’t recommend this perfect little gel enough.

Finally, after cleansing I use the moisturiser ‘Active Moist’. It’s great because I can use it over spots without any trouble as it is oil-free and won’t add any unwanted grease to acne-prone/oily skin, and it in fact helps to hydrate the dry, flaky skin that is often left behind after harsh spot ointments have been used. It leaves my skin so smooth and silky, and as the formula is so lightweight it melts into skin so beautifully. I also use it on holiday as an after-sun to cool down sun-drenched skin and I also apply it under my foundation to add that extra glow!

Hope this has been helpful to you in some way, and as I’m sure you can guess by now, I LOVE Dermalogica and it’s deliciously natural, invigorating formulas. Would definitely recommend!


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