The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation


I thought I’d share this amazing Instagram account that I discovered the other week called ‘Black Jaguar-White Tiger’, (I literally haven’t stopped following all of their adorable posts since). The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation ( rescues wild cats (jaguars, leopards, tigers, lions) from abuse and neglect from places such as circuses, and nurses them back to health and a better quality of life. Their extremely worthwhile mission is to make people aware that animals are simply not objects which humans can possess- the hashtags they use to drive this message home are #behuman, #saveourplanet, and #notpets.

I desperately want to go and visit their amazing sanctuary in Mexico….I guess one can dream!  Obviously I’m extremely jealous of the likes of Paris Hilton being able to go…


Papa Bear- as he calls himself- who started the foundation, has a truly incredible relationship with the animals, and it is clearly one of mutual respect for eachother. It is so amazing and humbling to watch the interactions he has with such huge, powerful and strong wild animals, and in return, how affectionate they are with him.

I would definitely recommend giving them a follow to see what wonderful things the foundation is doing for our planet, or even if it’s just for the cute little tiger cub videos!

(images taken from the BJWT website)

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