Sunday Morning Smoothie Bowl

smoothie bowl

I’m really enjoying experimenting with my breakfasts at the moment, and I made this delicious banana and blueberry smoothie bowl the other day. Really easy to make, and super healthy.

It actually started out life as a chia seed pudding, something I’d been dying to make for ages, but I really didn’t like the gloopy texture of it (much to my disappointment), so I transformed it into this!


 Chia seeds

Almond milk

Agave Syrup


Frozen blueberries


Flaked almonds

Brazil nuts


Firstly, I soaked the chia seeds overnight in almond milk, and added a small spoonful of agave syrup for a bit of sweetness.

Then I blended my chia seed pudding in the morning with a few tablespoons of oats, a banana, and frozen blueberries.

Finally, I topped with flaked almonds, Brazil nuts, and some more banana! Simple!



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