70s Style- The Flare

This Spring, everyone seems to be decked out in tassles galore, high necks, suede mini skirts, knee high boots, and of course now that the jean legs have widened considerably, no outfit would be complete without a pair of flamboyant flares. And whilst I would love to purchase myself some, I can’t help reminiscing back to my oh so fashionable childhood in the 90s, when all I wore were flares- the bigger, the better. The concept of a skinny, or even straight-leg jean would simply not have made it near mine or my friends’ stylish wardrobes. My personal favourite was a delightful pair of hand-me-down purple corduroy jeans, that I often donned with a ‘Bang on the Door Groovy Chick’ bandanna over my unruly curls- I was obviously quite the hipster from a young age, as I’m sure you can imagine.

So rather than picturing this when I think of the recent 70s trend:

I can’t help but think of this:

(Oh so nostalgic right now)


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