The hairdresser-experience when you have curly hair…

I have very curly hair- always have, always will- despite how much I battle the inevitable kinks and frizz. Trying to tame and also maintain the mane is a stressful task, requiring patience, perfection and practice which I have mastered over my 21 years. However, this means that going to the hairdressers to get it cut is a questionable, often fearful experience. And one that I like to avoid at all costs.

I got my hair cut today and the hairdresser actually did a pretty good job of it. But this is usually not the case.

Typically prior to entering the hairdressers, my hair has had an absurd amount of time dedicated to it, to flatten out and straighten it, to make it less crazy-frizz, and more publicly acceptable. So, to the unsuspecting hairdresser, I am simply another head of hair walking through the doors to be cut and blow-dried.

They do not realise that this is not the case until after they have washed my hair. Down the plug-hole goes all my time, effort and hardwork of straightening, hairspray, frizz-control serums etc etc etc. Out comes to play the uncontrollable mass of curls that start to spring from every direction, which I had previously been hiding.

When they run their hands through my hair, brushing it through whilst weighing up how to tackle it, they exclaim ‘Wow you have amazing hair- so thick’, what that really means is ‘Wow it’s like a lion’s mane, how the hell am I going to tame it?!’

The actual cutting part is not so bad. It is when the hair-dryer makes an appearance that it becomes a rather embarrassing experience for me. Enter frizz.

Imagine a mix between Monica…

and Ann Hathaway in The Princess Diaries

yes the hair gets very much in my face once they have clipped it up in the strangest of angles, to the point that I can no longer see what they are doing.

You’re right Ann, having curly hair isn’t fair.

I have learnt to ignore the side-glances from everyone else in the salon that appear to be saying either ‘Woah- her hair’, or ‘Poor girl, having to blowdry ALL that hair’, or ‘Wow is she STILL blow-drying it, like 40 mins later?’

And yes, having it dried takes time. A long time. So long that I usually end up apologising for how thick it is, as though somehow in my power, I could have prevented it. I forget that I am actually paying them (an extortionate amount) for the service and can’t help but feel slightly guilty that I am putting them through their paces and testing their true hairdressing abilities.

I usually ask to have it blow-dried straight (or to the best of their ability at least), but in the past they have attempted to refashion the curls, into what I can only describe as angel curls and some form of bouffant. And I know I am not alone here, my friend has also experienced the same misfortune. I have left the hairdressers in the past with a hair style resembling something out of the 1800s…

These curls simply aren’t something you can create!

In classic British style I will politely thank them and nod and smile as they hold up the mirror behind my head, before quickly rushing out, and once round the corner attempt to flatten/ hide the hideous hairstyle and hope that I don’t conveniently bump into someone I know.

Sadly, most haircuts do not end like this …

Moral of the story? Getting your hair cut if you have curly hair is a scary experience, where your true curls are unleashed in public, something that is usually only acceptable in the comfort and private of your own home. If only I could work my curls like Bey, things would be a lot easier…


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