Beach bod

It is definitely that time of year again. That time of year when you suddenly panic and realise you have spent the last year eating what the hell you want, when you want, and being a general lump (well, i know i have at least…don’t judge me). It occurred to me that I hadn’t even weighed myself on the dreaded scales, probably since this time last year, funnily enough, when I had the same panic… My Mum informs me that “it’s just the kind of lifestyle you lead at uni”- and I am certain that it is her way of telling me I’m fat. The fact of the matter is, summer is fast approaching and I know many of us girls are faced with the mammoth task (pardon the pun) of wanting to loose a billion stone for that beach bod we all dream of.

So now that my holiday is booked (two of them to be precise- even more reason to sort myself out), and I have  purchased two bikinis (both of which I try on about twice weekly- I know it is not just me who does this), which are just waiting for me to miraculously develop a body like that of Rose Huntington-Whiteley for instance, (whose picture me and my friend set as our desktop backgrounds as inspiration and a target for last year, which definitely, sadly never worked.) All that I need now, is to actually go about getting the body.

The same thing happens every year. I’ll maybe go to the gym a few times, go on a few runs at the most, suddenly start being particularly scrupulous with the amount of butter I put on my toast and will start eating like a rabbit with a diet consisting of fruit and veg (in contrast to the exceedingly unhealthy meals I had previously been gorging on- bacon sandwiches dripping in butter for breakfast, maybe a Sainsbury’s meal deal for lunch and then perhaps a takeaway for tea, not to mention the unthinkable amount of calories in a bottle of wine or vodka which I would practically inhale on a night out without even thinking about it). My dramatically changed healthy eating stint will probably last for about a week and then I wonder why I haven’t dropped at least half a stone, or got wash-board abs yet. I mean come on, the painfully slow minutes on the cross-trainer or treadmill, surely would have paid off by now?! Although my problem lies in the fact that my favourite thing at the gym is probably watching how many calories you have burnt slowly increase, and then I would probably go home and reward my workout with some form of cake worth double the amount of calories, and justify the act with the fact that you continue to burn calories after your workout, right?

My issue is I am an extremely impatient person, if I don’t see the effects within a matter of weeks I get bored and frustrated and reassure myself that it is simply in my genes not to lose weight and that it’ll never happen…that is until a few weeks later I begin the whole process again.

So to those of you blessed ones that can simply eat what they want to when they want and still have a perfect figure, I am extremely jealous. And to those that have the staying power to last month after month at the gym, I take my hat off to you. (or my trainers, I dunno..)

But for now, I must go and try my bikinis on again for the third time this week and assess the situation, as Tenerife is a mere 9 weeks away and I am definitely not ready to be basically naked in public just yet…



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